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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 17, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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get ready for the markets tomorrow. it could be a big day. i'm melissa lee. see you tomorrow for more "fast" at 5:00. my mission is simple -- to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you a little money. my job isn't just to entertain i'm trying to put this whole in context, teach and coach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jim cramer. we had a terrible tragedy today, a malais mal a airliner went do.
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our first reaction is to express grief and condolences to the families involved. i noticed when the market was down not that much at all. amazing how a plane crash a zillion miles away creates a buying opportunity. it was inconsistent with how the market works. it's too rash and glib. i expected the market to be down sharply this very morning because last night president obama announced his tougher sanctions against russia for meddling in ukraine. the s&p futures were down big this early morning. ahead of the opening. that seemed reasonable because of the new level of uncertainty. things were ratcheted up.
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when the averages initially failed to get hammered because there was so much positive news flow, i was surprised. russia, not as important as china, obviously, can still impact the stock market for more than 24 hours as we see things play out. in other words, we whistled past a piece of negative geopolitical news as though it were totally isolated and didn't mean that at all. when we got horrific news about the plane crash it created a greater level of uncertainty that drove money from stocks into safe havens, including u.s. treasury bonds. we don't know the genesis of the horrific incident. close observers know i've often talked about different kinds of buying opportunity caused by geopolitical events. saying that in the end, they don't impact price-to-earnings ratio of the vast panoply of stocks. i've been doing this show so long you know the short hand. what does such and such event have to do with the price ratio
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of bristol-meyers. that was the heartless way i did speak in the 14 years i was at the hedge fund i created. the instant reaction i saw on twitter, that is a different way of thinking. one you need to avoid. difference between my bristol admonition is there was not yet an opportunity. the market last barely down when the twitter person posted his note. surely there are reasons for a moderate sell-off in this crash in a contested area of the world is one of them. i'm not trying to be insensitive. i don't want to confuse human life with money or minimize the tragedy of this event. i want to point out the bristol-meyers theorem you heard is not ready to play out. it wasn't in the action up to the event reported. even at the end of the day, the market was barely down with the dow falling less than 1%. keep that in mind. our averages have gone so high 161 point decline on the dow went into near 17,000 is next to nothing.
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the twitter in question tried to call a buying opportunity when the market was only down about 0.25%. my theorem doesn't kick out until we are down a couple percent. a stock market isn't on sale when the dow is down 40, points in an all-time high. you don't want to call anything a buying opportunity until we have clarity about the headlines. we know little about how this crash occurred. 5:45 p.m. last night the president of the united states put harsh sanctions on the russians, much harsher than european countries? was it a bomb, a missile? who fired it? we were too glib about those sanctions when the market barely went down. buyers were way too glib to take action before the circumstances of the plane situation. maybe we'll learn this was less foul play and more terrible mistake. can we find out if it was? a zillio in miles away isn't
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something that can be easily dismissed. we need some degree of certainty to be bold enough to buy stocks on the weakness. i didn't get that much certainty, did you? plus we are heading into a summer weekend where investors will have a huge incentive to take profits because they will be worried something might happen over the weekend. when you consider the possible chain reaction that might emerge when we discover this was shot down by russia, whether by mistake or not, why not wait before you do any buying? especially because the middle east is breaking out into violence as we found out tonight that israeli ground troops have been ordered to invade gaza if the potential cease-fire failed. another crucial point my buy the sell-off only works when there is nothing that impacts earnings per share. something did happen today that impacts earnings, interest rates plummeted. you have to put it in context. until today, the best acting stocks of the earning season were financials. they've been the leaders. one of the major reasons why is
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many buyers believe rates head higher, not lower. that was the overwhelming consensus among the money managers that represented trillions of dollars in capital yesterday. higher rates mean higher profits for the banks. hottest group in the market. today that underpinning vanished with the plane crash. we lost that profit with the sad news. we've got to wait to see what happens. we need a bigger price break before we take action. i believe people will assess these situations over several days and during that period, the inclination will be to take profits, not buy for the vast majority of stocks. some stocks have good earnings. they'll go up. we had some today that go up. we are going to talk to two of them. in the past, we had a big sell-off, emphasis on big because of terrible overseas incident that while horrific does not impact earnings. when we have a terrible event after the market had a huge run and we don't know what caused that event and the market is down, can we at least have a
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decline? more than a percent in the dow? that's especially true with a sad incident like this one that does impact earnings in a major group pushing bond prices higher and interest rates lower. there is no hurry. particularly when we could have been down on the president's sanctions and the worry about the gaza strip situation with the latter fears seeming justified. once again, our hearts go out to the families of loved ones on that plane whether the crash was an accident, an act of war or terrorism. i don't want to mix up money or people's lives. many of you do want to know what to do with your money. i can't shy away from doing my job. i say wait. don't be overanxious. i think a better moment to buy stocks awaits. patience is warranted. russell in new york, please. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from buffalo, new york. how you doing? >> how you doing. >> caller: all right. i'm not speaking for myself when i say you are god's gift to the home gamer investor. >> i sure try. days like today, i hope i'm good
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enough. go ahead. >> caller: i would like to know what you think about yelp? do you think it will get back to $100? >> interesting question. the fed chief talked about social media stocks overextended in value? yelp is a great company with a franchise that is very expensive. if it comes down, another company will want to buy it. otherwise it has to work its way back, particularly because it don't make money. it's in the growth phase and right now the market likes companies that have a lot of profits. how about frank in colorado? >> caller: boo-yah, jim! to you and the crew for all that you do. >> we have a great crew. great crew takes care of me on tough days like today. >> caller: natural resources and casablanca and they are duking it out in a proxy fight. cliffs provided a statement about what it will do and i can
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find little about what casablanca wants to do. >> the problem is i don't know in the end it's an iron-ore company. iron is not doing well. this is not like aluminum which is doing well. not like a couple of the commodities we look at periodically, beef, chicken that are doing well. i don't really know what casablanca can do. if you like the minerals, i suggest you go with valet. you might have a brazilian election that could go in your favor in the fall. right now just wait. for knew my thoughts are with those affected by increasing turmoil overseas. "mad money" tonight, age-old patterns used to predict what's ahead for wall street are out of whack. discouraging. why and what it means for your money. retail got off to a rough start. if we stop being day-to-day, some of these beatendown stores can be the best bargains. >> plus not every stock was in
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the red. i found two stocks that actually went higher today. stick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to the cadillac summer collection is here. ♪
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oh i knew i forgot something... i'll just do it now. well, we're boarding. no, i'll use citi mobile. takes two seconds, better safe than sorry right? yeah who knows if we'll even get service on the islands?
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what! no service? seriously? no electricity, we're going to make our own candles, we're going to churn our own butter. oh, we lost one. can't leave a bag unattended. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to learn more visit why is this business so hard? you know why? i think there are vicious cross currents everywhere that make good old fashioned fundamental security analysis extremely difficult right now to profit from. we all know the one obvious reason. interest rate distortion. we have to wonder why rates, the principle competition to equities remains so low despite an improved economy. of course, some of that has to do with the horrific incident in
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ukraine. that brings out buyers of treasury seeking safety. they were out in abundance. some of it stems from the federal reserve which is keeping rates down to have sustainable economic growth that puts a lot of people to work before it then goes to the next cycle that raises rates. even as we have multiple inputs that show some very good economic growth right now. yesterday was a really great piece we did delivering alpha. stanley druckenmiller. known this man 25 years. he is a keen observer of rates. he noted that anomaly at delivering el fachlt he is pointing out considering all the strong news of late, including the recent employment reports and industrial figures, it seems like the fed is well behind the curve by keeping rates down. either way, low rates force money into equities, perhaps even when it is unwarranted or when you think it's not going to
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go there that's part of the difficult nature of this market. some of the cross currents have to do with shareholder activism taking up some of the worst stocks. lately the worst stocks have a tendency to become the best stocks when activists step in and turn up the heat. as we note from microsoft today. after underperforming for years is a spectacular performer, in part because of a boardroom shake-up and activist added. in some of the newer, more obvious cross currents, they come from hostile takeovers. think of valiant for allergan. it's been ages since we've seen these hostile takeovers that move stocks more than we thought they would. i'm not talking about these particular seismic events. i want to address the more difficult anomalies. the patterns we normally take our cue from here. got messed up. for example, today we had a housing start number down right
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anemic. it was miserable. you put your hat on and say thinking cap, i got it. who gets hurt most when we have such weak housing numbers? the building suppliers. who are they? i'd say obvious one, how about the paint makers? typically then you want to bet against the paint makers. two paint companies reported today. one we'll talk to pbg. while the overall market took a tumble because of russia/ukraine tensions, they were among today's best performers. what's going on here? could it be consolidation in the industry? excellent execution? both? the old macro, meaning looking at the world to micro, looking at specific company patterns aren't holding up. then there's autos. we are getting incredible sales numbers. why not buy the biggest car dealership company out there, autonation? how about because autonation is investing so much money into its
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business it dinged earnings. that's what we heard this morning. it's not supposed to happen, but it did. stock dropped five points. 8%. we witnessed a remarkable insurgence in transports as oil climbed higher. again, thrown for a loop. transports aren't supposed to go up when oil is rallying. how about today when oil spiked off the problems with russia. what stocks got hit the hardest? the domestic oils which have the most to gain from russian turmoils. how about yum! brands? today the stock was crushed. why? how about the other two legs of the stool that normally placid pizza hut and taco bell? china was really strong. the historical pattern again simply didn't hold up. i'm not trying to scare you away from the market. that's a poor take away as this market has been rewarding for certain. as i search for why there is so
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much antipathy, why people don't like it at all even though until today it kept going higher, i come back and say aha! most of what you learned about stocks isn't making you in i money. in the end, that can be incredibly discouraging. i understand why you might feel disgusted with this market even if it's been incredibly lucrative for those who forget the near-term noise and focus on buying great american companies being sure they are doing okay through homework and holding on through thick and, like today, very thin. corey in new york. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah, how are you? >> i don't know. i'm trying to make sense of things. some of these days are too difficult. >> caller: i hear you, man. i had a question about tesla and their new model 3. i was wondering if you thought it was a good long-term decision? >> i think the problem with tesla, and i know people are saying, jim, you are punting when do you this. i don't care. there are a couple of stocks in
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the market i regard as cold stocks. tesla is one of them. amazon is another. these are stocks that, frankly, defy traditional earnings in sales analysis. that does than mean you can't like them. it does mean i'm not going to recommend them at this level. i can't come up with an actual reason. amazon may be on a news basis. tesla? i know people buy it because they love the darn car. sure this market is getting difficult. the patterns are messed up right now. you know what? it's still one of the most rewarding markets. still more "mad money." retailers have been put through the wringer this year. time to turn your problems onto profit. shares of snapple being snapped up today despite this market. time to put their tools in your belt? a stock that could give you a fresh coat of green. stay with cramer.
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in a market that's within striking distance of it's all-time highs it can be difficult to find genuine high value stocks. there are a number of retailers performing down right awful of late. we need to look at this not as a reason to get bearish, but an opportunity. every now and then it's worth
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taking a step back and looking at the market, not as a trader but long-term investor. best way is viewing stocks with the lens of private equity firms. these leverage buyout artists are searching for companies with underperforming stocks that could easily be turned around. only if they had the chance to step out from under the spotlight of the public markets with its intense focus on beating short term quarterly expectations and instead focus on healeding their wounds and recovering in a more methodical longer-term manual. private equity guys don't invest like sprinters. they invest like marathon runners. they are searching for companies they can stick with through the whole race. retail offers tremendous opportunities for these private equity firms. just in case any of you think this is a bad way onto vest, just look at the fantastic numbers reported by blackstone this morning. blackstone is a big asset management firm. more than anything else, these
6:24 pm
guys are about the private equity business. their long-term approach has once again led to one more terrific quarter. like i said, i think retail offers excellent opportunities if you think like a private equity manager. don't just take my word for it. consider sycamore, the voracious buyout machine chomping at the bit to acquire quality retail brands that seem all but washed up with the hope these businesses can be turned around over time. sycamore has a long track record buying out of favor retail brands like hot topic and talbots. they took jones group private in december and attempt to do the same thing with express. even companies that despised by the stock market can be worth something to the private equity player. jones fell down to $9 prior to catching sycamore's $15 bid in december, a huge gain. makes us want to survey the whole retail landscape to find
6:25 pm
more of these situations. as you can say, we are jonesing for the next jones. after sycamore took this ailing retailer private for very hefty premium, they acted swiftly to cut costs, sell off franchisees to raise money while keeping anne klein and nine west. where the public markets merely saw withering business, the lbl masters at sycamore saw an opportunity. they replaced the ceo, sold off brands and injected some cash, jones group already looks a heck of a lot more attractive than it did the beginning of the year when it barely had a pulse. i wish we could invest in jones group alongside sycamore, but they own it all. how about what sycamore is doing with express that dropped from $25 in december to below $13 over the following six months. sycamore swooped in taking 9.9% stake telling the board it's interested acquiring the whole company. stock shot up 20% and a deal
6:26 pm
appears imminent. while express appeared to be a little more than a loser, when you look at it through lbl-colored lenses, you see a company that can be turned around to become much more profitable. plus there are things simply easier to do as a privately-held company like shutting down underperforming stores, weaning customers off excessive promotions which involve taking that short-term hit for longer-term gains that the market tends not to approve of, but if it's private you can't even tell. i believe sycamore can pull off a turnaround here. given express rebounded in a major way since we learned someone with deep pockets was interested taking it private, i wouldn't be a buyer with the stock at these levels. their upside is capped. however, we can draw conclusions from what sycamore has done with jones group and express, not to mention blackstone's excellent earnings. the most important take away? retailers with well-known brands and underperforming stocks are leveraged buyout bait. these private equity firms are
6:27 pm
flush with cash. the way they make money for their investors doing deal after deal. while they can be patient, they can buy something or won't put up competitive returns even though someone will take the money back. which retailers could be the next leveraged buyout targets? first chico's with a stock that dropped more than 20% the first six months of the year. since then has begun to rebound based on rumors it could be taken private. i think the rumors are well founded. chico's delivered hideous earnings, this company has an attractive longer-term story. they have white house black market, soma, boston profit. the last five years they made extensive infrastructure investments upgrading its i.t. capabilities. it's one of the strongest merchants out there. much of the recent weaknesses are self-inflicted choosing a lousy assortment for the spring
6:28 pm
season. the market is what have you done for me lately? with all the long-toerm growth drivers, a private equity firm could pay $21 per share for the company. that is an attractive 29% premium where the stock is now. and still be able to generate an internal rate of return more than 20%. i could say the same thing for another once-loved darling, dsw. the chain that sells brand-name shoes at bargain base prices. stock down 38% year-to-date, one of the worst performers out there. i think it got hit because of transient fashion and weather-related issues, not a structural problem with its business model. the woman's footwear market peaked three years ago. we could be approaching a bottom. all of the bad news i think was baked onto dsw stock, almost overall because the market got tough today. there were hideous sales decline
6:29 pm
caused by the awful weather this winter. dsw is paying you to wait. it has a healthy 2% yield and sitting on $6 net share cash. the company will turn itself around with or without a leveraged buyout. there's a lot a private equity firm can do. if they are smart one will make a bid while the stock is down in the 20s. broken stocks of intact retail companies are looking like attractive leverage buyout candidates. when you think like a private equity firm, put that hat on, some of the biggest losers of 2014 like chico's and dsw start looking like very attractive buys. they have the ability to turn things around longer term. if they don't start turning, i bet some private equity players will step in and do it for them. there's still more "mad money" ahead. one of the top brands in your tool box put together a great
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quarter. time to get your hands dirty with snap-on? will something put a wrench in its growth? and your calls and lightning round are just ahead. first, we want to keep you updated on the developing situation overseas. here's tyler matheson. thank you very much. good evening, everyone. i'm tyler matheson with this special news update. at this hour, thousands of israeli troops are conducting a ground assault in the gaza, sharply escalating a tense ten days in the region. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the aim is to destroy weapons and rockets hamas has been amassing, as well as tunnels burrowed under the border. reporters say there is heavy artillery fire from ground troops and israeli naval vessels off the coast. israeli cabinet has drafted 18,000 reservists.
6:31 pm
>> the other major story, investigators are combing through the wreckage of malaisian air flight 17. the boeing 777 traveling from amsterdam to cokuala lumpur was shot down. they are using satellite images to determine whether the missile was launched by separatists in ukraine or russian forces. all 295 onboard were killed. both stories sent stocks tumbling today. cnbc will have a special report at the top of the hour. michelle cruisa cabrera will join me and i hope you will, too. a cabrera will join me and i hope you will, too. r cabr me and i hope you will, too. u c me and i hope you will, too. s cn me and i hope you will, too. o c join me and i hope you will, too.
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call and for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $423 dollars. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >>. >> the thing about this market is that long-term winners have a tendency to keep winning even on the bad days. take snap-on incorporated, the maker of premium hand tool and power tools that they sell mainly to auto repair shops via 3,500 odd advance in the united states alone, also power
6:35 pm
generation clients here and in europe. snap-on has been a horse. a stock marching steadily higher for the past 2 1/2 years. consider snap-on rallied 7% since which last spoke to the ceo this past april. 32.5% return with dividends since we checked in with the ceo one year ago. the stock posted a 90% return since they got behind it two years ago. this is a testament to the power of execution. snap-on terrific management keeps delivering. today was no different. this morning snap-on reported another excellent quarter. 12 cents earnings off the $1.68 basis with higher than expected revenues that rose 8.2%. management giving a bullish forecast for the full year. hence why the stock on a horrendous day jumped $4.83 or 4%. let's take a closer look with the chairman, president and ceo of snap-on. hear more about the latest stellar quarter and where the company is headed. welcome back to "mad money."
6:36 pm
>> i'm pleased to speak with you. >> i saw something that jumped out at me, organic growth. for repair systems and information. how does a many, many years, age-old business get that organic growth? >> it's simply this. the repair challenge is changing constantly in a garage. cars keep changing. one thing you've got to ask yourself about snap-on is an interesting question. one of our big product lines, we make diagnostics, but one of our big product lines is hand tools. we guarantee them for life. why is it we have a business? the reason is cars keep changing and people need different tools to deal with this. i was on a van the other day in california. a couple of young technicians get on the van and say we have five or six ratchets. we need the low-profile one that allows us to get inside the mercedes engine compartment.
6:37 pm
technology is changing. the considers, computers are getting bigger and bigger. engine codes on a car in 1995 were 50. now there's 5,000. we have the best data base that tell you how to deal with those engine codes. it reads the engine codes, tells you what the car is saying, allows you to put it through its paces and what to do to fix it. >> one of the things funny in the conference call, you talked about how you were at the drag race, the nhra drag race and someone asked about the competition. you didn't know who the competition is. >> that's right. i certainly know the competition but our people don't reference the competition. they are talking about how much we can improve themselves. of course you want to be vigilant. there's always disruptive things. andy gros said only the paranoid survive.
6:38 pm
as a market leader, you want to keep pushing and pushing to make it better. that's what we try to do. it's reflected the way our customers see us. what are you going to come out with next? >> one thing did you come out with was something that sounds like the internet of all things. it's industrial not just personal computers, pro-link ultraheavy truck diagnostic. this is adding earnings per share. >> right. one thing about snap-on, you said we are doing well in execution. i believe we are. we have snap-on value creation that improves every day. one thing people don't understand, this is a business with great brand, great capabilities that can reach so many more customers. the commercial and industrial sector, rolling the snap-on brand out of the garage into oil and gas, aerospace and into the heavy truck garage where no one
6:39 pm
was done diagnostics. the diagnostics of a heavy truck is much more complicated. it brings together a whole number of subsystems from different manufacturers. understanding the data to look through the computer system in that potpourri of equipment is something we can do. with ultra, it's faster, smarter and easier to use than anything else but has a better data base. it will read the code, allow you to see the truck's heart beat and then it will tell you exactly what the prescribed fix is. that's just early days in diagnostic for heavy truck. i think we are on the cutting edge. >> that's why a stock like yours can go up on a bad day. that's what matters to viewers who want to own great american companies like you. nick pinchuk, thank you for
6:40 pm
coming on "mad money." >> good to talk with you. >> back after the break. over 20 million kids everyday in our country lack access to healthy food. for the first time american kids are slated to live a shorter life span than their parents. it's a problem that we can turn around and change.
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it is time for the lightning round. that's about rapid fire calls where they tell me a stock and i say buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. we play until this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? we start with joseph in michigan. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> how are you, joseph? >> caller: good. how are you? >> i'm very good. how can i help? >> i'd like to ask you about directv, jim. >> to me, directv is kind of done. i think it's a terrific situation that might have made you money. ring the register and move on. we'll find the next directv. jeff from my home state of new jersey. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. >> absolutely. >> caller: i own stock in tumble navigation. lately it's been heading south? >> trimble is like garmin without the extra bells and
6:44 pm
whistles including a decent dividend. you should actually -- i'm not a big fan of trimible. it's done. if someone wants to kelme why i'm wrong, i'd love that. robert in florida. >> caller: big boo-yah from tallahassee, florida. >> say hello to the espys. >> caller: navigator holdings. >> i like that stock. that's liquefied natural gas. another contract tonight. you are in a sweet spot. hold on to that. evans in new jersey. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i love your book. >> thank you. >> caller: chesapeake energy. >> chesapeake's okay. there's a lot of others better. if i want a natural gas plan, i would tell you conoco. that's coming back down. i lookic that one. john in pennsylvania. john. >> caller: greetings from montgomery county, pennsylvania.
6:45 pm
>> caller: the county of my birth. >> caller: new york community back. for a while you've been confirmed about the safety of their dividends. end of 2012 their earnings were share was $1.13. it went down to $1.08. i am thinking it might go lower based on what i read and the report for the end of the first quarter. one quarter does not a year make. >> there are so many high quality bank stocks. you look at wells fargo which is down $3 from when it reported. go with high quality. i vastly prefer that to nycb alex in washington. >> caller: one question about retail me not. >> it isn't expensive, but i've
6:46 pm
got to do more work on sale. it is on sale and i've got to find out why. let me do a reordering of some of these recent internet plays in light of some things janet yellen said. jill in pennsylvania. >> caller: hi, jim. today was a terrible day, but i need your opinion on sun corp. >> i like sun corp. great energy situation. i'm a long-term bill on energy. s suncor is good. i'm not going to tell anybody to sell countsuncor. linda in florida. >> caller: yahoo. a couple of days ago the ceo announced one half of the expected $6 billion in proceeds from yahoo sales would be given back to shareholders. despite this potential windfall, yahoo stock dropped. >> i went through the conference call and was disappointed. it's not a growth stock. it has a piece of a company that
6:47 pm
is a growth stock. it's not going to offer it all in the ipo. i now feel like others you want to buy the stock cheaper than it is right now the company is not delivering. anthony in illinois, please. >> caller: god bless you, mr. cramer. could he tul me about british petroleum? >> british petroleum caught up with russia. we don't know about the situation. it's very inexpensive and has done a lot of good things. it is most levered to russia that ideal with. therefore, i've got to drop back and see how things shake out. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the a lot of inning round. [ male announcer ] what if a small company became big business overnight? ♪ like, really big... then expanded? ♪ or their new product tanked?
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what do we do with long-time cramer favppg? it's a speciality chemical company, one of my 21 bankable ceos from "get rich carefully." when every chemical company under the sun is trying to be less commodity-focused and more propriety, ppg is well ahead of the game. having sold its commodity business and bulking up on
6:51 pm
chemical speciality exposure including some brilliant acquisitions. ppg recorded one terrific quarter today. this stock climbed $1.91 finishing only a few points away from its all-time high because of stellar sales from europe, where businesses grew at a 28% clip. just one more excellent quarter from a company i regard as one of the most dependable industrials on earth. what is my definition of dependable? how about a stock up 33% over the last 12 months and up 400% with re-invested dividends since five years ago. can this keep marching higher? let's check in with the bankable chairman and ceo of ppg. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. great to be back. >> chuck, when i saw this quote, excellent earnings contribution from europe reminded me of another era. how did that come to pass? >> you know, we've been talking
6:52 pm
about the european market together for the last couple of years. we saw signs of improvement toward the end of last year. first quarter was better. even though the volume is still modest in terms of growth, we are putting a lot of that to work on the bottom line so we had good sales growth, but very nice earnings growth. we feel better about the european market. >> let's, so our viewers understand, you are a long-term player in europe. when you have disturbing news like we got in ukraine, russia, with the presidential sanctions last night and then the horrific plane crash, does that mean that ppg, which is a long-term player has to think, let's not get too big into europe or is it just, you know what? these incidents happen and europe is a big continent. we've got to be there. >> it's more the latter. we have a broad participation in europe. biggest concentration of our sales are in western europe. we have a very small position in
6:53 pm
russia, less than 1% of our company sales are in russia. those are primarily exported. we feel good about the overall european market. obviously, this is a very disturbing and tragic events in russia. we feel though that the underlying economic trends have been favorable and we would look for that to continue, although, again, the growth rates if europe have been quite modest, but they are recovering. >> let's talk about this amazing acquisition in a country that, part of a country i'm really fond of in terms of growth, which is mexico. this makes your company even more international. what percentage of your company is now united states and what is outside of the united states? >> well, we are now almost 60% of our sales are outside of north america. that will increase with the
6:54 pm
co-mex acquisition in mexico. it is part of nafta. we are excited about it. it is an excellent company with leading tradition in architectural coatings. a market we don't participate in. we have a leading position in the automotive oem business that's growing nicely. this will widen our participation, give us good scale opportunities, and mexico is a market that i believe is growing and is going to be a force both in consumer markets as well as a growing industrial presence. >> one of the things i saw in your conference call i thought was important, a lot of people feel paint is a commodity. you are making the case not only is paint growing, but your shares are growing because of technology in paint. >> yes. for us, coatings in all markets
6:55 pm
is always a speciality market, it is not a commodity market. there is real innovation, real technology development. always a high service component. coatings are an important value added for all of our customers. we feel, especially in high technology markets like aerospace or automotive oem that we have been bringing a lot of technical innovation to bring new value, better corrosion protection, better consumer colors for exteriors, so we can add a lot of value for a very low cost benefit. we think we are a technology and innovation-driven company. >> it really does work. that's why i tell people, you hear about the kind of basic plain vanilla things they make and they are not plain vanilla, which is why you've done such an outstanding job. chuck bunch, chairman and ceo of ppg. thank you, sir, for being on the
6:56 pm
show. outstanding quarter from ppg. this is an amazing company that just keeps delivering and a lot of it is because the man you just saw is so bankable, chuck bunch. stay with cramer.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
trying to bring you the news about stocks. google did report a good quarter. it showed very good growth and showed expense control. that stock has been trading up after hours. sky works solution. once again, i think patience will be rewarded. there is no reason you have to take any particular action on any given day until prices come
7:00 pm
down to the point where we can say, you know what? i sense there's real value here. otherwise, patience. like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. promise to find it just for you. i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. international crises come to a head after weeks of rocket attacks against israel, the country's ground forces strike back. punching in the gaza as we speak they are on the move. the other big story of the day, a missile slamming into a malaysia airways ukraine border, all 295 aboard killed. the big question now, who did it. both stories hitting the stock market hard. the dow down 161 points, the nasdaq falling by 62.


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